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Changing tracks

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I had a revelation last night, while catching up on the latest T2D developments. Version 1.1 is supposed to support turn-based networking, not real-time networking (not officially anyways). So why the hell am I working on a game that requires real-time networking when I have another game designed and ready to go that uses turn-based networking?? I don't know! *bashes head against desk multiple times*

so I'm switching projects and starting to work on Galaxy Conquest. I guess another reason (excuse really) is that I'm better with GUI programming at the moment than actual gameplay programming. So while I wait for T2D resources to appear in greater numbers I can work on the game's interface. Hopefully by the time v1.1 comes out I'll be ready with the interface and able to use the T2D Torque Developers Network to start working on the game code. Sounds like a plan.

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I won't lie -- I only skimmed the entry's writing and gawked over the nifty-looking game banner instead. :D

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Muahaha my evil plan works [grin]. It's a pretty game, I really like the art our artist made for it. Can't wait to get back to it.

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