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Another Milestone Achieved

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After much trial and error I finally got LUA to work under PocketPC, on an iPAQ 3660. I need to retake my steps, and perhaps write a tutorial on it, seing as I had such dificulties with it. Perhaps I'll release that with the original Lua Intro Tutorial I've been writing for ages... shame on me... :(

Next in line on my lenghty ToDo list is Serial Port code research, under C++ (I was using VB, and it has helper classes for this).

Once I get my Lua Scripts talking to the Serial Port, then I have a dynamic brain :)

I also got a PocketPC Keyboard, a really compact one, so I can take it with me wherever I go, and I can edit the robot's "brains" without being dependent of recompiles, or draging heavy laptops around with me.

Another thing I'll have to research is that now I have the ability of editing the scripts on my Desktop PC (HomeBase), and send the new commands wirelessly, via RF Radio to the Robot, due to the small ammount of bytes being sent.

It should still take some time to transmit a small script none the less, but that hardly compares to the time it would take to send out an exe or dll.

Just another heads up, my Robotics Wiki is up and running, but doesnt have any content yet, so I'll post the link later when I do get some meat in there.

Till next time... [wink]
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You can very easily open a serial port and write data to it in a few lines of C++ code - easier than using VB's communications ActiveX control, I found (I had my PC talking to a DOS PC running a QB app over the serial port). It's the sort of thing you can do by punching "serial port" into Visual Studio's MSDN help and copy-and-pasting an example out of the documentation and have it tailored to fit in about 5 minutes. [smile]

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