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All in all, another day..

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Wow. I know it's not much really, but I'm so pleased with the feedback I've gotten on my last game, Gundown. Not just Rob's nice words in the feedback, but on the few other forums I showed it on. I know it's nothing near some of the amazing stuff that I see GD.NET members (and indie'ers) pull off on a regular basis, but to write a game in 2.5 weeks and feel this pleased about it, I froth at the mouth just thinking about writing a full-size indie game. :D

Additionally, I got myself a new laptop today. I should be saving up for university, but considering what I got only cost me $200 (sold my old lappy and paid difference) I think it's worth it. Not to mention the off-desktop gamedev I'll be able to pull off. ;)

Celeron 2.0ghz
256mb RAM
35gb Harddrive
Windows XP Professional (yes, legal -- get off my case :P)
A measly 16mb onboard video card (it'll get the job done for dev purposes)
A cool security cable that goes off REALLY loud if anybody stirrs the motion detector :D

It's not legendary, or even quasi-mythical, but it'll handle whatever tasks I throw at with ruthless efficiency (or die trying!). Nobody dare enter a comment with their laptop's cooler specs! ;P

Me and my artist (Draffurd) have been passing the night throwing around ideas for our next game project. I'm really excited about an idea of mine involving wizards, mud, goblins and jetpacks -- I know, I know, not exactly 4E4 :P -- but his fixation is with either a turn-based online RPG (think FFT or Tactics Ogre), or somesort of space exploration game. We will see, my friends, we will see.

Good night, casual reader!
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