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Back to school

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Work on the level editor is comming along at a great pace. I'm really pleased at the progress I'm making. You can now add tiles and scenery objects to the map. The next step will be to add other entites I think, as well as adding "Security Zones." Security zones will be specially marked tiles that either give bonuses or most likely negatives to a players stats based if they are on the particulare space.

I've been back at school fora week now. Doesn't really feel like I've skipped a beat to be honest. Things seem to be going ok, but who know what could happen in a short time? I'm slightly scared that I might have gotten myself in too deep taken a beginning and advanced course at the same time for Java. I know I can make it through though. The first couple weeks will be the most difficult, then once I'm comfortable with the syntax and commonly used classes I should be able to belt stuff out pretty painlessly. REgardless, I'm already gaining a lot of knowledge by learning programming theories in a disciplined environment in a class, rather than just on my own. Nothin' to do but to keep on truckin' along I guess.
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