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Damn teeth...

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My teeth had been killing me for the last few days - to the point that I hadn't gotten much sleep or food. Luckily enough I got to see a dental surgeon today who took one look in my mouth and at the xrays and decided to take a wisdom tooth out right then and there.

The good news is that I feel much better. The bad news is that I have to go back sometime this month and get the other 3 wisdom teeth extracted. At least i'll be put to sleep for that operation - being awake today while a guy was extracting a tooth wasn't a particularly fun experience, at least it didn't hurt too much...
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Yup, been there myself. I suffered with my wisdom teeth for almost 6 months, many a sleepless night and days of just lying around in pain. I dunno why I did it. Maybe cause I wanted to be macho or something stupid like that. Dunno. If not for Anbesol I prob would have died [lol]

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Yeah, the anbesol did wonders. Looking back i'm not even sure if the dentists told me what was wrong - then again I was in a bit of a haze. All I remember was a lot of pain, seeing a dentist who took a look in my mouth and promptly referred me to a dental surgeon. Then the surgeon took xrays, looked in my mouth and within a minute told me he wanted to take the tooth out immediately.

Oh well.. i'll be back to see him in a few weeks to get the other 3 out. At least they'll put me under for that one.

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