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The date I went on the other night

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Well the other night I ended up going on a blind date. My friend Jon tried to hook me up with a girl who is the best friend of a girl he knows. Turns out this girl is ugly even tho she has a decent personality. However, there is a good side to this. I am not going to date her but I am in the process of hooking up with her best friend. I know it sounds mean but this girl is amazing and I don't want to pass it up. She has a great personality and looks good. Not only that but she called me last night. I was not expecting it at all. Turns out she had a dream of kissing me. Which means she was thinking about me the entire night. She even said on the phone that she wanted to kiss me when we went outside for a smoke. So this might work out for the best. I am going to call her later today when we are both out of school so I can see if she wants to go out tonight.
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I swear as soon as I read that the chick was ugly I thought "ok, what about her cute friend?". I know it sounds mean but it's almost a golden rule to hang out with the ugly chicks cause they almost always have hot friends. It's the weirdest thing ever I swear. Anyways good luck man [smile]

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Yes I noticed that assumption too :P. So far is so good. We could not go to the movies becasue she is grounded atm but we will go when she is ungrounded.

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