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To be honest, I've been contemplating switching to Java from C++ for awhile. The reason I didn't, was that I had this in my mind that I need to keep up my C++ knowledge if I want to do well in game development.

I realise now that I am simply doing this as a hobby right now, and I want the best language for my needs. I don't want to use C# because I just don't think it would be that great for game development.

I downloaded JCreater the other day and have worked through some simple programs. The language seems really nice and exactly what I'm looking for. It isn't that I intend to make Applets, but I just think the language would suit what I want to do right now, which is to make 2D games.

I would definetly use C++ if I was making a 3D game, but right now I see no problem with learning Java.

Besides, I think it is always good to broaden what I can do in terms of programming.
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Well, in my case, I'm just learning C# now, and it's going very well. The language is very clean, and VC# makes it really easy to learn.

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