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Back in training

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Got up early to go to the DMV today, but my dad got hung up at work and I had a class to teach at 1pm so that didn't happen. Dammit. I need to change the title on my car over to my dad so that I can go under his insurance and not have to sell my soul in order to cover the cost of full coverage on my own. At least not with my 8 insurance points :P

But that's okay, got to stay home and chat with my girl online. Then the mail came and I got an invitation to my dojo's annual banquet in October. I had almost totally forgot that now that Batman is over and I'm no longer coaching late into the evenings like I do during the summer that I can get back to training martial arts. Wheeee!!

So I stopped by the dojo tonight after coaching to see what's up. I was one of two students there with Sensei Brown, the other was Mike, who when I last saw him at the beginning of the year was a white belt, and now he's moved up 6 ranks to a 2nd degree brown belt. Jeebus :P Tho he's a black belt in another form so I can see that his movement through the ranks would be rather fast. Me? I'm still the 6th kyu yellow belt I've been for two years, lol.

Since it was just us three, we threw on the pads and did some kumite training, which is sparring. We worked throwing kicks and punches seperately, and then worked on combining them. I squared off against Mike and beat him in a match, tho it was one for one for a while. It's hard to take what you've trained and use it for real - Mike may have been a lot higher than me in rank but he hasn't really fought against anyone much. I kept pushing him out of the ring just by advancing, it was easy to maneuver him around into a corner and then lay on the kicks and punches. He also had that tendency to drop his guard when he threw kicks, which I used to have myself - when people kick a lot of the time they lean into the kick too much and have to drop their arms a bit to counter-balance. I've trained myself to throw kicks without leaning back, so I can keep my arms up - tho I did still lean forward a bit sometimes and came down awkward - Sensai prob coulda swept me plenty of times if we were fighting like that :P I squared off against Sensei after beating Mike and gave a good showing, tho he ultimately won of course. Still, it was good to be back and kicking some ass on the first day [smile] It was humid as hell tho so I was drenched in sweat, the pads of my toes are sore from moving on the floor, and my shin is a little sore too cause Mike and I knocked legs when we both kicked at once, aggravating a bruise I got from Batman. I'll just wear shin guards next time.

I dunno if I'll be able to get any programming done tonight since I'm up early again tomorrow for another DMV attempt, but yesterday I got the main game screen for Galaxy Conquest up and running, tho the buttons don't lead anywhere yet, and I have to fix the transparency layer of the exit button PNG

A little eye candy there for you. K guess that's it for now. Later.

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