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bored. I know this isn't livejournal but... ^_^

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Well, I did plan on trying to finish my VC++ book. And a few days ago I walked in the park and brought my C++ book and read a couple chapters in it (it's a book I've already read though, an easy C++ book) and that was a great day to for other reasons. And I also read a couple chapters in my new Beginning Game Programming book a couple days ago too...

Then my floppy drive didn't work and I thought maybe from cat hair inside it that's why the button didn't pop out. So I cleaned a lot (3 hours!) and took apart my computer to clean it too. There was some cat hair in there and a lot of dust. And then my hardrive didn't boot up and it made really loud crackling noises :/ This was my one MS Windows computer too. And I didn't do any back up at all!!! I even bought a bunch of blank CD-RWs and blank DVD+Rs a few weeks ago but I didn't back anything up because the one movie I burned took almost 2hrs and I was lazy and didn't burn anything else since. And then I took my computer apart again and the hardrive is completely corrupted! 100GB of data lost!! :(

It is a 200GB HD and it was half full ::edited out:: o.O but more important to me was some personal files like pictures and source code to my little projects and web site files. I don't have a host I took my web sites down and lost all my files! The only thing I have is an old back up from a couple months ago to some of the web site files. I lost my VC++ tic-tac-toe source code! :(

I was so mad. I'm so dumb not to have backed up all my stuff...not even talking about ::edited out:: :D

So after a lot of testing and going to the Western Digital site to download diagnostic stuff for the HD (luckily my bf has a windows computer I could use) I went out and bought a 300GB HD and because I didn't have any restore discs I had to buy a downgrade of MS Windows XP Home Edition for $199!! And the HD was $199 too...and I'm poor!

My laptop HD still hasn't come yet but they sent an email Monday saying it would get here in a few days....hopefully later today. I had XP Media Center Edition before but now I have nothing.

So I installed the 300GB HD and tried to install XP but I kept getting the Blue Screen! I partitioned it to 137GB too and still it won't install! I hate trying to get people on the phone because they don't know anything. BTW, before I bought the HD and XP Home Edition I called HP and they charged me $40 for a 2 week warranty and they didn't do anything but say try pressing F2, try pressing F8....they didnt fix anything the diagnostic software I downloaded said my HD was really messed up though.

So I don't have any MS Windows anymore to finish my books! The books I'm reading all require MS Windows... :/

So I rearranged all my computers (I have 3 besides the laptop) and finally got completely clean and UPDATED slackwares and the old fbsd I'm going to erase soon maybe.

It took me the past 2 days to get to this point o.O Because I had to go buy a new mouse because my wireless optical keyboard/mouse wasn't working correctly in X. And I looked all over the internet and still couldn't fix it.

Yes, I am now extremely familiar with xorg.conf and know the exact stats of my hardware -.-

the good news though is this computer now works fine with cable internet and has all the past month of so security patches and the sound works :) and I installed a firewall software for it. and then I wiped my other computer and put identical slackwares on them.

I hope when I get my laptop HD it will install easily and it will work again (I'm not even sure that the laptop just isnt broken besides the HD). And I'll try and install the MS Win XP Home Edition on my laptop. I actually bought CodeWarrior 9.x! over $400 in anticipation I'd know how to make palm os programs by now >.< And it needs MS Windows.

I did a complete nmap scan of both my firewalled, patched, updated, clean slackware 10.1s and they both are fine :) Stopped rc.sshd and rc.inetd and am fairly confident that I'm as hacker proof as i can get :p

I miss having MS Windows a little bit though. I used to play my games and download a lot of stuff on it. And all the books for game programming assume MS Windows. If I didn't want to make MS Windows games I'd just be happy with my two linux and even switch my fbsd to slackware(which I might anyways) but I spent a lot of time already reading about MFC and MS Windows specific stuff like VC++ IDE that I don't want to just forget about MS Windows completely!

Another good thing though is that I think I was wrong about not being able to handle a httpd. I might get DSL to go with my cable and run my own web server afterall. Configuring apache isn't nearly as hard as I thought before my intense two days with slackware.

I read that other distros are easier to use and boy Knoppix seemed it but slack seems fine once I got everything done.

I found out the hard way that you shouldn't just 'upgradepkg xx' Better to let Kpackage uninstall and then do a install from a *.tgz :D

Well, this has nothing to do with game development but so far neither do I. I even lost my tic-tac-toe source code I spent hours making the AI from scratch and the *.wav files and the icons. If I didn't upload it on here to my members area I wouldn't even have a binary of it. :(

Even with having to immediately upgrade security packages and install firewall rules and half of my 'plug n play' isn' linux is still an easier install than expensive MS Windows! When my mouse didn't work I could 'pico /etc/X11/xorg.conf' and edit it. In XP if it doesn't install you get a blue screen and it says call technical support..!!

I did make a little c++ program but it's nothing much :) just testing g++

Not going to correct all the red text I'll just go...

edit: Ok maybe I shouldn't add this but... Well when I called HP first, they transferred me around and made me give them the same information over and over and I couldn't even understand what any of them were saying half the time because ::edited out:: -.-;

edit 2: Hey now I miss LiveJournal and am going to sign up again ^_^'

edit 3: No I'm not (I hate LJ now). Wow, I have 3 computers and I can't even play my own little tic-tac-toe game I made because I don't have MS Windows. Thats weird..

closest thing I've made to
a game after almost 10 months :(
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