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I'm going to slowly be posting conceptual art, characters, designs, story bits, and basically all manners of pre-production elements with my project March. It's a space/horror theme with the same claustrophobic, dark, unsympathetic feel as Alien/s.

Things to expect:
- Character designs
- Environment designs
- The processes involved
- Music I'm composing
- Major story elements

And whatever else I basically feel like posting..

It might give everyone some insight into the conceptual stage of game design (though I'm working as though it were to be a film) - or at least my take on it. I'm currently working with a friend who attends RISD.

My time is limited with all of my classes now.. I have an intensive (also new) film/video lighting class that requires me to be shooting at locations all of the time.

But..more to come, more to come..
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