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Grad School Continues

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So here I am, waiting in my cube for class to start.

It's kinda cool really, since I'm a GTA here, I was assigned a cubicle in the grad offices, so I have a nice place to hang out here on campus and get work done (be it my own homework or grading papers or whatever) in a nice quiet environment. It's becomming my home away from home, because it's such a professional environment I can just throw whatever on my desk and know nobody is going to come by and steal it. So it's basically my locker, with a desk and a computer, and two other people share it.

The class I'm waiting for is Discrete Math, the class that I TA for, which I of course have to show up for even when I don't do anything. So far the TAing has been going pretty good, I no longer get nervous before the recitations that I teach. I just kinda prepare for what questions they may have, and prepare examples and other stuff in case they have no questions. Yesterday the recitation went really well I thought because there were questions the entire time, so I never had to look at my notes and think of something to show them. This is probably because there is a test next wednesday :).

Grading papers has been OK as well, sometimes it's difficult to decide how many points to take off for various things, since the teacher has basically given me free reign as far as partial credit goes, so I just try to be fair. They turned in their first programming assignment the other day, it's taking a bit of time getting that graded. I was supposed to talk to a TA for the Java class, because they have a script that will go through and compile and grade the assignments, well that script was totally made for the Java class and it's been taking me a while getting it set up to grade my stuff. Oh well, the next programs should be smoother to grade.

In other news I'm now looking for an apartment near my uni, cause right now I live 40 minutes away, which is ridiculous. My two top contenders that I've gone and looked at are a three bedroom apartment (I'd be renting out one room obviously) that is closer to campus than I usually park, and a studio apartment that is further, but still pretty much within walking/biking distance. The studio apartment is of course more expensive, but then I wouldn't have to worry about roommates, which would be nice. I basically need to decide how much I want vs. how much I want to spend, as I'm fairly certain I could afford either without too much trouble. In fact, from the numbers I've been looking at, the studio would be less than 100 bucks more a month, after utilities, probably more like 50. So is not having roommates worth $50/mo? Right now I'm thinking it might be. Plus most of my friends think I should get it, as well as my Dad. At least until one of my friends leases expires so we could get a place together.

The only scary part right now, is because it's my first semester as a grad student, my cumulative gpa is this semester's gpa, so if I get a B and a B-, I lose my job. We can't go below 3.0GPA, and if I stay below 3.0 for more than one semester, I'm out of grad school :0. Not that I've gotten below a B in CS classes during my undergrad, but now it's just scarier.

Anyway, I'll update again when I figure out my living situation.
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