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hey Piggy!
awesome thread, dude.
muchas gracias
and very good points from you, too
Oluseyi, it got me thinking about the differences in terms of character and plot depth between child/adolescent storytelling and adult storytelling... made me wonder if we really have the technology to convey the subtleties needed to establish deep characters yet
i don't think we do, using conventional presentational techniques (read: fancy CG)
but we do if we instead rely on voice, nuance, inflection...
ah, voice is a big thing
I was looking into the Microsoft Speech SDK recently
Superpig, it's not that impressive. really.
was wondering if it might be viable for game voices
doubt it
but couldn't actulaly find it in the end :-/
I'm interested in making a game with that depth of character, and the characters would Sep 15 23:06:44 Superpig, you are going to need an arcana of drama to populate those assets, if I am following you
Superpig, any kind of abstraction that takes away the emphasis on human rendering and the trap of the Uncanny Valley improves expressivity
Oluseyi, I just like cats *shrug* ;)
i prefer dogs, personally :P
adventuredesign, well, I'll need an arcana of assets to populate that drama, more to the point
it's hard to do dynamic generation of dialogue when you've only got a fixed set of recorded lines to play
yeah, I didn't know if this was a general storytelling app or a specific plot
I'm going on the theory that you can set up a general story by taking a premise and a set of external events to be applied at particular times
Superpig, use a concatenative-synthesis hybrid for speech
that way, you only need to record a sample "palette" of allophones
so my game is set on an oil rig, where the guys have all taken out cats both to keep them company and to keep down the mouse population
so while the riggers are running the rig, the cats have their own little society going
the premise would see some characters basically set on a collision course - get a small civil war breaking out, sorta thing
and it's up to the player how they interact with the story
who they talk to, who they help, etc
agents act according to their mood, experiences, and priorities
Superpig: What audience are you targeting? All Ages?
Superpig: are we talking about AI?
Lenox: adult audiences
kSquared: yes
Superpig: can you elaborate some more for my benefit on what this is, exactly? which agents? (my scrollback is cleared)
you know the idea that characters have a tendency to write themselves?
you can try making a character do something that doesn't fit the character, but it will feel wrong to you
this suggests to me that you have built up a model of the character in their head - the way their mind works, and the way they would react to situations and stimuli. Just like you do for real people.
This is just an encoding of that idea in software - building a model for each character, and using it to determine how they react to situations and stimuli
if you let it run continuously, such that character actions generate further situations... you get a story that plays out from 'first principles'
Superpig, i'm liking what i hear
Superpig: sounds very interesting
anyway, given some initial configuration of character models, the story should be deterministic
then you add a little random chance, some external events like weather, and a free agent - the player
and what you get is a story that is different every time you play
maybe this time you decide to side with the young male, Osirion, as he challenges Old Thambon to the role of leader of the society
Superpig: self generating story, will certainly need to be well thought out
RaymondJ: indeed
it would need a complex 'storytelling AI,' which decides when to drop in the external influences to keep the story interesting and suitable for the player
Superpig, i actually took a course in that once
but one of othe nice things is that it adapts to the player's play style. If the player wants to be heroic, they show this through their interactions and the story reacts accordingly. If they want to be underhanded and conspiring, again, they act accordingly and the story reflects it
"Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Narrative"
dropped the course
lack of time, or was it crap?
i wasn't in a place where i was ready for it. i dropped a bunch of other courses, too, then dropped out of school for half a year at the end of the semester
needed to work stuff out.
lemme see if the professor's page is still up. you might find some useful resources there.
ooh ta.
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