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My Modem Bank is better then your Modem Bank

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I have recently setup a modem bank for work. (My job title is wireless developer.) Anyways, the cool thing is that I now know how to setup my own rudimentry ISP.

Now here's the kicker, I'm very tempted to write a tutorial about the arcane art of PPP/RAS servers. So if enough people (~4) comment that would like to see a full tutorial, then I'll get one together and up by 9/15/05.

Now to ponder the cost of setting up my own ISP. It'll take ~$5000 dollars in hardware to build a box to handle aproximatly 70-96 users (24 nodes), not including the monthly cost of the T1's coming in from the branch telco office.

Cyclade Y-Series
Multitech MultiModemISI

Oh well, lets see $5000 dollars in startup costs, plus cost of monthly T1 line, for a return of ~$6 dollars per user is $420 dollars a month. (6 * 70 users) Not exactly a finacially good plan. :D
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Yeah, I've always been interested in the more arcane parts of computers. Tutorial! [smile]

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