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Official GDNet desktop wallpapers anyone?

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Interested in a GameDev.net desktop wallpaper? Here's a minimalist one with our new logo:

Until I figure out where we're going to put these things for regular public consumption, you can get the various common desktop sizes from here. If you like them, consider them a perk of reading my journal. If you don't like them, I challenge you to come up with your own and send it to me (to my gamedev.net email address). If I like it, we might add it to our list of official GameDev.net desktop wallpapers. In any case, here are the links:


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Recommended Comments

Groovy (although I switched the black & white to match my second monitor's background).

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I like it.

I did make a GDNet wallpaper many moons ago when I was bored. Will see if I can still find it for your amusement [smile]


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Though it seems to me there's a kind of (very faint) grid pattern on the white background- is this intentional? It just caused me a moment of major panic, because I've seen a similar pattern on dying monitors [grin]

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It wasn't necessarily intentional, but it's there. Not entirely sure why, but I'm confident it is because of the image resizing to get the larger desktop resolutions.

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Nice ! - minus the fact that I find it too white for my little eyes . I believe you'd have a better effect if you blend the logo over a (blueish) brushed metal pattern.

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