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my new backup system =) (everybody should have a b

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I bought a 128MB jump drive/pen drive before my 200GB HD died but I didn't use it yet and then it died (the HD). So now I'm going to use it as my backup and small file transfer storage device :)

My laptop HD came yesterday and it installed easily but again win XP Home Edition wouldn't install on my laptop either so I installed FreeBSD on it instead. And I have two slackwares running perfectly now with patches and customized and firewalls :) It's aggravating how many people scan my computer though I didn't realize how many people run bots probably all day looking for zombie machines to control >:(

I out grew that stuff long ago ^_^' Now I have to find out who this one person is in San Diego that keeps trying to scan my other pc for win-sharing *rolls eyes* and block his isp ranges. My cable company on this pc is constantly scanning port 80 to make sure I'm not running any webservers :/ They don't like that I asked already.

It took a while to get the exact fs mounted between 3 computers for my pendrive because one linux is using /dev/sdb while the other uses /dev/sda and yet the fbsd uses /dev/da0 o_O luckily though I can just make them all mount to /mnt/pendrive and use the same ext2 filesystem. I still don't know how I'm going to make MS Windows games (pet Store Tycoon) without a version of MS Windows =( I even installed WINE but it couldn't even play my MFC tic-tac-toe game...

Also, I got my pda (m505 palmos) to link with my slow linux pc. Of course it'd be too good if kpilot worked :/ But the pilot-link stuff works but I had to do a backup manually.

pilot-xfer -p /dev/ttyUSB1 -b /bleh

but it works... *shrug*

between 3 brand new posix installations I havent read any of my game programming book at all :( I did play around with configuring Kate to be my main gui editor for my laptop in fbsd though and compiled some simple C++ programs :)

I can't wait until my wxWidgets book comes here so I can try and make a simple GUI frontend for pilot-link library stuff. I was looking at their main site and it's down and some other site had old information like maybe nobody updates it anymore? Maybe because supposedly palmos is dying from MS moving in, I dunno. But I still use my m505 and if kpilot won't even work correctly i doubt the pythong/java GUI front ends I saw online will work without headaches.

I havent even attempted to get my webcam or my real digital cam's SD card or the MM card to mount on any on my pcs yet so all I had to take a pic of my pendrive is my cellphone and it takes lousy pics but here is my new backup system it's as small as two cigarettes and I placed it on a screen shot of my freshly installed slack ^_^'

now i'm going to get some ice cream at 31 flavors (they're open all night :D

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You do realize that you can create wxWidgets UIs without a text book to guide you, based on documentation and freely available online tutorials, right?


Happy hacking.

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I just looked at the price of that book [oh] Great scott! I'd only pay that much for a book if it were Game Programming Gems, AI Wisdom, or those other 'gem collection' books. I hope it turns out a great read.

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About the backup system:

A USB to Feline data storage device like the one you posted is a good backup medium as long as you feed and care for your device....

On a serious note, USB keys make great backup drives for small files and files that are modified quite frequently. They work on all newer machines without trouble and they are quite sturdy. I carry 2 1Gig sticks on my keychain and in their lifetime of over 2 years I have never had problems with either one.

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