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Will F


Thankfully the teeth are feeling much better now.
I've started working on a 3D engine, but this time i'm actually spending some time on paper planning things out before I start any coding. Hopefully no more of this jumping into coding and realizing too late that i've made some really bad design decisions. Fortunately i've got a fair bit of code from previous projects (model loaders, math functions, etc), so i'm not starting completely from scratch. Hopefully within a few weeks i'll have enough functionality to show some screenshots.

I suppose it's getting to be old news, but the Nintendo Revolution controller just confuses me. I have to respect Nintendo's decision to try something new... but I just don't get it. Hopefully it will turn out like the analog controllers on the playstation, where I hated them when they first came out but now can't imagine playing console games without them.

Anyways, for me the biggest draw for the Revolution is possible backwards compatibility. There are tons of Gamecube exclusives that I haven't played (I don't own a Gamecube) and i'd like to check out. However, what i'm really interested in is the possibility to play older games on it. If (as rumored) either for free or at a reasonable price I can play: Chrono Trigger, Super Mario rpg, Paper Mario, Mario64, any of the zelda games, and tons of other classic games - i'll definitely be picking up the Revolution at some point.

And on a side note, the new Gamedev image of the day is beginning to make me feel somewhat inadequate.
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