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Believe it or not, I"m not undead!

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It's been over a week since my last entry. I can't believe that the last week has flown by already. The majority of which I spent redesiging my website and reading lots as usual. I've also been working a lot as well, but what else is new?

EDITED FOR CONTENT : The ESRB aren't really bad, I just think that people should govern themselves more then appointed officials, and I suppose the ESRB is just the voice of people who want to control the exposure of mature content to the younger generations. I think I just get caught up in the idealism of open content and don't really take into account what the purepose of it is. I may infact have been directing frustration from other areas such as people blaming games for violence and such as a direct corrilation to the ESRB which in fact was established to help deligate responses to such claims and attempt to eliminate them from ever being made. My appologies.
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