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Well, I got a little coding done, at last. You can now move collision lines around, and I got a bug in the selection code fixed. Yay.
I finally ordered my bed, from Homebase. It should come in around 14 days. And it fits in my room perfectly, which surprised my parents who were against be getting a double bed because they thought it'd take up too much space. So har har har.
Here's a picture, just to brighten this entry up a little:
Omg, bed!

It's Saturday, so I'm done coding for now. I'm going to go buy some booze, then pick up a friend, then get drunk and head off to Studio 24 (AKA The Mission). Hurrah!
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Heh, I was wondering the same thing. It turns out that the matress is extra, but It's still a pretty good deal (£209.99 with a reasonably good mattress).

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