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general nothings

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not been up to much lately. work's keeping me too busy to get much done, and recollecting lost titles as well as gaining new ones also keeps my coding skills at bay. what am i currently playing you ask?

- Zelda: Minish Cap
- Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
- Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
- Diablo II Expansion: Lord of Destruction

i play minish cap at work, before shift and during breaks. fun game. its like Capcom can SEE what i want, and they're teasing me by not going all the way. (HELLLOOOOOOO sexual innuendo!) getting stuck alot isn't as big a problem this time around because of the Kinstone collection. Having treasure chests and caves appear when fusing Kinstones is cool - but the best part is when you get altered monster drops. spending 2min battling a really fscking hard octorok is really fun ^_^

chronicles i'm having fun with as well.. they could definitely have stood to make the game so much more, but i'm guessing deadlines wrecked any chance of that. i'm finding the action/adventure genre to be getting the shaft again and again, and with this title, my hopes were crushed as usual. i still play it though. the mp is alot of fun, the item crafting is a pain in the ass, and the storyline was a great idea.

four swords isn't much more than an extension of capcom's gameboy color zeldas - with multiplayer. i had alot of fun with mp when i had the chance to try it out. forcing the gameboy req on us was whore-able, and i'd backhand the lot of them over it if i had the chance. still, i'm likely going to be modelling 2d tilemap efforts after this game. they threw in some fun effects you couldn't do easily, without 3d acceleration.

i'm still playing diablo2 because A) its still fun, and (more importantly) B) to keep reminding myself of the things zelda needs to add before it can start approaching 'perfection'.


lately i've been looking over the d3d tutorials and whatnot. as i mentioned before, i had Armadon clarify a few of the things i was seeing (and filled me in on more info ^_^). i'm probably going to emulate what he showed me for the time being, just to get "something" up and running. the plan is a basic tilemap and sprite module and tools to go with them. though a pacman game would nearly write itself after that point, i'm going to go back to where i ended back in my allegroing days - the Final Fantasy Adventure avatar and his slimy nemesis.. the slime! i have alot of catching up to do...
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