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palmos again...

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So now that I don't have any MS Windows and I can't finish reading the 2 MS Windows specific books anymore I started to read this book again.

I started reading this book a while back and only got to chapter 6 and couldn't get the samples to ever compile after I even bought CodeWarrior 9 for MS Windows ($400!! o.O). It was the thought of one day making palm os programs that really got me back into computer stuff. And the past year or so I've strayed from it after realizing I needed to know more C++ and stuff. But now I might be ready for it again ... I hope.

I spent many hours today trying to figure out how to get prc-tools to work on linux >.< I finally gave up and searched linuxpackages.net and got most of what I needed from there (I love that site!) But I still have to get the emu to work on it. (I miss MS Windows already :{ just because the emu and everything installed so easily with no configuring at all...) But I finally got the m68k version of an old gcc to work. I didn't even understand that 10 months ago or so when I was trying to compile stuff with cygwin version. prc-tools is just a patched version of gcc2.95 or something and a resource compiler and debugger. I even signed up for palmpavilion's developer IDs last november or so to make palm apps ^_^' and it took me this long to understand how it works. :(

I like seeing pics in other peoples blogs so because I don't have an amazing developer project to take screen shots of I'm going to post any pic I can take with my verizon phone =)

Now I'm thinking maybe I could try and make a tiny Pet Store Tycoon for palmos!! :) But I think I'll try something simpler first like a stock market game or something. I just can't wait until I'm finally making palmos apps...it's been my dream for almost a year.

Last night I was playing with Tcl and I started reading a great interactive tutorial I found online. I used to know some tcl a while ago but I forgot it. I kinda like how Tk is simple to make GUIs and can be crossplatform and also since I don't have VC++ anymore :/ But in a couple days my wxWidgets book will get here and I hope it's as easy as Tk then I'll never go back to MFC.

My receipt says I can't return software so I don't know what I'll do with this Win XP HE. I don't want to ruin my pcs after I spent all this time reinstalling stuff. But since it won't install on my pcs and it has an activation code and stuff I didn't use at all I might try and eBay it. It cost me $199/+tx so I hope I could get half of that but I doubt it...who the hell wants Win XP Home Edition? :(
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Hey, I have that PalmOS book at home too! I don't have a Palm, or any interest in that sort of stuff though, but I do 'collect' all of those books in that series by LaMothe. I have like 10 of them already, but still need more! How much did you pay for it?

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I don't remember exactly but I'm sure I bought it in a bookstore and paid retail I forget which bookstore though it was last year.

The back of the cover says $49.99(US)

I actually read up to chapter 6 but thought that the book had a ton of errors because I couldn't get the compiled *.prc to do anything. But now I'm suspecting it was because I am such a newbie =) So I'm reading it again because I'm a little less of a newbie now :)

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Ok, that's it! I'm going to have to lecture you on buying things. First off, never buy retail! They rip you off and you hardly ever get what you pay for. Instead, look online first for the best deals. I.E.
Palm OS Game Programming - 16 used & new available from $2.99

Oh, but the fun doesn't stop there! I'd ask what state you live in, but then again, now sure if you live in the US (no location on your name), so check out Half Price Computer Books. That site is an extension of the chain of stores, Half Price Books, which you can find stores in these states. This chain of stores, started in Texas in 1979, so naturally, we've been going to them for quite some time over the years (no I was not around in 1979 [wink]). Anyways if you have any near you, check them out I've bought 95% of all the computer related information/games from those stores, and I have *a lot*. You will definitly save a lot and possible find some great stuff there, since they use a buy/sell/trade system as well as being a bookstore that contracts with publishers computer wise and other wise.

Next, you will always want to look for free first. Free compilers, IDE's, etc... It may take some time, but there's a free alternative to just about everything commercial out there. While not all are up to par, they should suffice for the most part. Even so, check for online rebates and other "steals". take a look at these sites for what I'm talking about:
Tech Bargin

Sites like those really help you find the "good stuff" that you'd might not come across otherwise. There are lots of other sites that do the same, but those are the only two I have bookmarked right now.

And then finally there's that thing we are all aware of that shall not be discussed here, but it's always an option if you really need something and can't afford it at the time. Be resourceful and talk to your friends!

Ok that's enough from me for now, please don't throw any more money away now that you know of the alternatives [smile] Think of all the stuff you can now do with the extra cash. Treat yourself or get your cat some new toys or something [wink]. Ok bye!

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Thanks for those links I'll look at them later :)

I kinda like going to the bookstores sometimes though and actually looking at the books. And then when I go in I feel weird if I don't buy anything... :/

But ya I should look into buying cheaper used online books or something. I've bought some books from online places and its a little cheaper maybe but I don't like waiting for them to get here because I'm impatient.

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Handheld programming = very cool. [wink]
Good luck with it - I once had a Java book (when a newbie) and it didn't explain how to turn source files into class files, so I assumed you just renamed them. I was very sad when it didn't work... [rolleyes]

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