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Not bad.

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Ok, that was too easy... I love the mornings!! Coffee is my best friend until about noon, when my stomach starts to boil and I have to switch over to something like water, pop, or juice. But for the two hours I have left before that happens, I will work on removing an item from the file, and inserting at a point in the index other than the end.

It just seems like that was way too easy. I just moved the decompression function into item class, because it has the DataBlock stored in itself now. After that it just became a matter of looping throught the array a few times to get the data I needed, in the order I need it. I'm thinking that removing an item from the "file" will just be a removal from the ArrayList, and overwrite the existing file, or save as new. Pretty much same thing with the insertion-at-index, I should be able to easily do that to the ArrayList, and again just overwrite or save as new from the updated list.

Maybe I will make it to adding recompression with different level today, who knows. I guess I will upload source and exe files later tonight when I feel I'm done for the day.

I still have to determine type code from file extention too, but here is a screenie for you.
C5RICON.TGA is the file I imported into the original archive.

Uploaded with release, and debug builds, with source code, and required DLL files.
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