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Not Fair

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So I'm up in Vermont right now visiting my girlfriend at her college. It takes an entire tank of gas for me to get up here (and for her to get home), so when I was in the area of her college I pulled up to the pump to fill up for... $2.99??? For 89 octane?!? Holy crap!

Now let's pause from my story for a second and go back a week or so, when she was coming home for the weekend and complaining that gas up in Vermont was more expensive that it was at home.

My how things have changed. I filled up at home for $3.17 a gallon, and now Vermont is cheaper than us in New Jersey. What a twisted little world we live in.

Ah well, so it goes. At least I didn't have to pay more to get home like I was afraid I would.

Oh and that new Nintendo controller. Looks really cool as far as I'm concerned. I can't wait to see what they do with Mario Party and that controller. Hells yea [smile]
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