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I'm Stuck (as the title read) as to where and what I should be focusing my attention to, code wise.

Over the summer, I pounded out the basic fundamentals of C++, reading a great book and going through an online game institute class, lacking extreme depth in a few areas, but I figured I would be good to go to jump into the 2D world of programming. So, with that, I dived into Allegro for a little, but soon after that, I found that to be a bit more challenging than I had expected. The lack of resources didn't get me going in the right direction either (not saying there wasn't any that worked great for some people).

So... It's time for a reform, because I may be a potentious newb and wanna-be, but da**it, there is entirely -no fesible way- that I will quit on anything that I start, no matter how tough it is. If I quit on myself, I may as well just float out in the middle of the ocean, drown, and forget all of the peoples life that I've made an impact on. Im a initiative taking, hard hitting fool when it comes to work.

That was my mentality when I enlisted in the Marines... That is my mentallity going through this hellacious computer science degree, and that is my mentallity attempting to learn the complexity of this entertainment biz.

So. With that. I will turn around start over with a -TEXT- adventure/rpg style game that will hone everything that I -SHOULD KNOW- very well before going into the 2D world. Sometimes, I believe people rush into things too quick, and they find themselves utterly stuck and they dont want to admit to themselves that they should start completely at the bottom of the food chain again.

My question from a lowbie to the reader/experienced programmer.

If you have some time and interest, reply back and let me know what you believe I should have a competent understanding of, before I rush into the 2D world. You can reply back, "Arrays, lists, maps, enum, vectors, pointers", advanced topics welcomed! Basically, I'm wanting to

b)find out what people 'WISHED' they would have focused on more

Another thing that I'm interested in is finding somebody that has some experience looking at code and advising on what -could have been done better- and with what. Perhaps a good term for this would be a Mentor. No indepth explanation required, just, "Hey, you could have done B that would replace A, which would really improve speed/performance". I know we're talking about a text game here, but hell, I could run it down to my IBM 386 to find out how bad it really is.

WELL I DID NOT INTEND for this post to be so long for those two simple questions, but thank you for skiming/reading and i'll catch you on the flipside.

Feel free to hit me up on any source of IM clients also
[aim]aim marine [yahoo]ildave1 [msn/email]dlmcgraw@ksu.edu
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