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No Shit, Sherlock

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So my girl and I drove into town to get some lunch - she wanted some Japanese but the place was closed - we forgot it was a Sunday. It's open for dinner though so we may go back in a little bit. Anyways it was next door to this bus terminal and I noticed a bunch of lights and stuff set up and at first I thought they were doing a photo shoot but I figured, in a bus terminal? Then I heard the clapper go off and knew it was a movie shoot. So after grabbing some quick lunch at Subway next door I went to check it out (Heather was too shy :P). I walked up to the security guard and asked him, "So, what are they shooting today?" and he looked at me and said "a movie". And I just stared at him for a few seconds hoping he would elaborate because, uhm... of course they were shooting a damn movie. But he didn't so I just gave him a "you're a moron" look and went to watch the filming for a bit. It must have been a high-budget indie movie because there were no big name actors and the equipment was definetly high-end. So it was cool. Too bad it wasn't an action scene or something - I'da found that stunt coordinator right away and introduced myself - or tried to at least.

Dumb security guard...
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