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Landscape texturing...

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Haven't really had much to say since I finished my HDRI demo (Which is now a sticky thread thanks to Coder [smile]).

I've decided what I want to look at next, but sadly I'm running out of time (I only have 4 days left) - so it might not happen [headshake]

I saw a thread on the MSDN forums (I think) asking for help with the D3DX UVAtlas tools. I've wanted to check them out since I first read about them - but kept forgetting and/or getting busy.

The best bit is that apart from some really nice high-level documentation, there doesn't seem to be, well, anything else [lol]

My idea is to see if the traditional texture mapping used for heightmapped terrain can be improved by using UVAtlas'ing.

The thing I'm really hoping will be "solved" is that horrific stretching you get on steep slopes with a trivial implementation.

Take the following picture of a "Particle Deposition" demo I put together in about 30mins (hence it looks quite basic):

The summed surface area for that is 4.578 sq.units, whereas the "flat" version is only 1.159 sq.units.

The implication being simple and obvious - the terrain's surface area changes when it becomes more mountainous.

The trivial texturing approach doesn't take this into account. especially the fact that not all triangles are the same size - and a lot of the blurring/stretching errors come from this incorrect assumption. Large triangles should be allocated more texture real-estate than small triangles.

I'm gonna see if this UVAtlas toy will do a better job of allocating texture real-estate [grin]

Stay tuned...
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Please post your findings with the UVAtlas stuff, I've been quite curious about it, but like you, I keep getting busy and/or forget about it.

It would be awesome to hear about your experience with it.


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Please post your findings with the UVAtlas stuff

Will do - glad to see you're interested [smile]

Hot damn! Jack, you're hyper-active. [lol]

Thanks - but I guess I'm just making use of my free time while I have it. Or, quite possibly, it's because I no longer have the internet/GDNet to distract me on my development machine [lol]


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