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Alright, I have finally decided to start doing journal updates again...

There are some things to update you on. My project is no longer named 'JavaTactics' but rather 'Battle: The Fight for Eternity'. This is changed for a number of different reasons.

1) According to Suns's Java trademark/copyright I can not use 'Java' in the name of my program

2) I needed to start thinking out the plot to the game before I went any further.

3) 'Tactics' sounded too blatantly like 'final fantasy tactics' or 'tactics ogre' (mind this is a clone...) But it needed a new name.

Along with the rename goes an entire rewrite of the code base. Yes the entire thing. My programming ability has drastically been improoved since I started this project, and I can now organize my program better to improve performance and programibility (is that a word?)

I'm currently working on getting my game design document done (for plot wise stuff) and should be complete within the month, and the actual code base looks like this:

I've got Input, Tile-Rendering, Tile-Shading, Camera-movement, better line wrapping, and half done objects to do with entity management, window decoration, and entity animation.

I know that lots of people were looking for a faster release of this game and I am truly sorry for this, but I believe that in the end this will make it a better program for both me and you.

Anyway, here is a current screenshot:


I have decided to not use the default UI frame for the window, instead I will create my own title bar later down the road....
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Alright, I have finally decided to start doing journal updates again...

That's great to hear, I have always been a regular reader of your journal. I believe I'll be more interested now that I'm starting to work with Java.

Oh, and that is a nice screenshot.

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