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So, I've been a bit away from posting on my journal lately, it's not because I haven't wanted to, but I actually took a brief break from working on my engine and I've been extremely busy working on a small program I plan to release as shareware and hopefully get a trickle of income from it now and then. I'm really close to finishing it, I think I'll have RC1 sometime this coming week, I'll have a few friends beta test it for me and hopefully it will be online by week's end. I'll share more about it when it's done, hopefully it might be of use to some of you guys, I know I'll be using it a lot =)

I did post some screenshots on the image of the day gallery, it's pretty cool, I always loved the concept of IOTD, I love seeing what people are doing and wondering "how the hell did they do that?" or thinking, "man, I gotta get off my ass and do something like that".

Especially when I see stuff like Ysaneya's which is just breathtaking, Harry Kalogirou's entry is also very impressive.

So anyway, as soon as I'm done with my little pet project (hopefully a little money tree), I'll get back to my engine. Next on the agenda is a particle system. Half of which is already in the engine, since I can easily add dynamic geometry with as little as 5 lines of code and all dynamic geometry that shares a material gets drawn in a single DPC. I figure the "hard" part of the particle engine will actually be the authoring side of it... I'll post more about when I begin working on it.

Anyway, I gotta get back to work... I want to finish at least one of my 4 final tasks on my list tonight.
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