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The latest happenings!

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Hmm, so much to talk about, where to begin?


I've been doing a lot of work on the book, most notably on the distributed computing, asynchronous input device polling, plugin system, object model automation, dynamic code compilation, and code access security chapters. Below is a work in progress prototype of the distributed computing demo. The second image shows how pinned my processor is, it's obviously supposed to be run over multiple CPUs :)

Ray Eltham (developer on EverQuest at SOE) is putting together a computationally expensive algorithm to calculate mesh lighting, and I want to use it with my distributed computing framework. (Thanks Ray! I owe ya!)

I'll run a benchmark on my local machine without it, and then distribute the work across 15 2.8ghz P4s and get the benchmark difference in time.

The rest of the demos are coming along nicely. Took a lot of refactoring, but I finally have secondary AppDomain loading of my plugins without any leaks.

Microsoft Exams:

Taking my 2nd last exam for my MCAD certification right away. I'll let you know how that goes!

Until next time!
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