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Title Screen

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Here is the title screen that I have been working on...


Having a title screen is something that my other versions of the game didn't have and I believe that it will add a bunch to the feeling of playing an actual game versus running an engnine test.
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I usually found that having a menu system and the like just got in the way when I was testing the game.

Make sure to have a "-notitle" command switch and have your IDE automatically use that when you're debugging the game, or you'll wear your fingers out skipping intro scenes and menus. [grin]

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Currently I have a settings file which tells the program whether or not I'm testing, so yeah, I do have a way of skipping it, just feels better to have a normal game appearance optional at startup.

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Very nice. Many games seem to just have a menu with a bunch of noise. Take Diablo II's for instance: with all that noise in the background it takes your focus off of the menu, which I feel is a negative. Warcraft III's menu is way better, except the snow can be quite annoying.

I like it, good job!

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