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Evil Steve


Well, good news is that all my Microsoft stuff arrived. Bad news is that I've had a shitty day, and it's only 5pm.

I didn't get to sleep till 5am (Damn you, Coke-cola...), then I was woken up at 9am by my dad yelling on me that the phone was for me. When I got downstairs (Around 30 seconds later), they'd hung up. Yay. So I went back to bed.
Then I was woken up again at about 10am by UPS delivering my stuff, which was the highlight of the day. So I tinkered around with it, and was about to get in the shower, when my phone rang. It was my friend asking when I wanted to meet up. Crap, I forgot I was meeting her.
So we agreed to meet an hour later (That would be at 11:40). I had a shower, then went out. So I was waiting on the steps to the gallery from 11:45 till 13:20, in the freezing cold. I got a text from her just as I got there saying "Running a bit late". I phoned her at about 12:00, and her phone battery died. Awesome.
So I got fed up and went home an hour later, still freezing cold. I saw her on MSN, and she said she'd been stuck in Flip (A shop) for an hour and a half, and by the time she got out, I'd left. Peh.
So then I went and got some food - got halfway through a hotdog and then felt ill, so I went to bed. Only to be woken up, first by my sister's boyfriend leaving, then by my sister phoning me asking if he was still there, and asking me to search the house for him (wtf?), then by a taxi turning up for the aforementioned boyfriend, then by the taxi company phoning to ask why I'd ordered a taxi then refused him (wtf again?).

Apparenly I'm supposed to be picking my friend up from Rosyth once she's had lunch with a friend of hers, and she's supposed to phone/text me when she's ready, but since it's already 5pm, and she's not answering her phone, I don't think that's going to happen.
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