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I've been away from GameDev.net since the start of summer... I come back and I look at your journal and I'm amazed, really great work.

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I finally took the time to look at your journal and the impressive amount of work that you've been pushing into this game. Ancient Galaxy is turning into a work of art -- you should be very proud of yourself! :) This is (another, it seems :P) blog I'll definitely be keeping up with!

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This is (another, it seems :P) blog I'll definitely be keeping up with!

You should - it's definitely one of my "regular" reads. [smile]

Anyway, wrt to the image... is this a new camera angle you've implemented? doesn't look like the normal one to me... or is it just a photoshopped/hacked one-off type thing?


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This angle is the result of a 'feature' with my zooming code. For a long time, the camera was straight and top-down, mainly because aiming was purely manual, and that would make it easier.

There were issues with the aiming being impossible at times due to objects occluded from the camera, but not from the character's perspective ( like if a pillar was in the way ), so I changed it to auto-aim, which I also like much better, to my surprise.

Once we had auto-aim, we were free to change the camera around, so I tried many things from orthographic, to tilted, to cabinet, and finally the pseudo-isometric view that most of my shots are in.

Unfortunately, my camera zoom code wasn't coded with the flexible camera in mind, so when the camera is off-center, it tilts when it zooms.

I just took a more traditional angle shot, which I will post later on.

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