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Will F


I've been looking at Qt with the thought of using it for quickly making tools (a level editor comes to mind). I would be tempted to use it for a game, but the commercial license is a bit expensive. Releasing tools under the GPL is fine though.

So far i've gone through the beginning of this tutorial and have been pleasantly surprised by how little code you need to get something interesting up and running.

A few things from the first tutorial that seem a bit strange are the Q_OBJECT macro, having to use qmake, and calling new without a later explicit call to delete. But it looks like the next couple of tutorials are more about how Qt works - plus I haven't gotten around to looking at the Qt docs yet.
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Wow... just looked at the QT package, really nice! But I'd rather lick a toilet seat at a public restroom than pay the price their asking!

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Yeah, the price seems awfully high per developer, which is why i'm only considering using the free version released under the GPL for quick development of tools, rather than a game that I could make commercial. And even if I could afford that, i'd probably spend my money on something like Maya first.

Then again, i've got some really old code for a poker game that I might look for to learn how to use Qt and make a quick little game I could release under the GPL.

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