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I need a philosopher

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I'd never considered that my research into interactive narrative would bring me to philosophy and theology in the form of the free will concept, but now that I'm there I wonder how I never noticed it before.


Misato, help :(
I need a philosopher :(
Superpig: ?
I've managed to go from interactive narrative to determinism and the free will problem
Misato, so I need a philosopher :(
to do what exactly Superpig? answer the free will problem?
Misato: there is no answer to the free will problem
of course there is
don't allow it?
The answer just isn't an answer exactly.
I know you, Washu
your answer to the free will problem is "free will is no longer an issue once all are grasped in my tentacles"
"If you admit to the existance of free will, then you disavow the existance of God.
If you deny the existance of free will, then you admit to the existance of God."
why's that then?
Superpig : There sure is an answer. It just goes in a neat little circle.
Misato: Where did you get that? o_O
Misato : Perhaps you have that backwards?
Now, God doesn't mean God as in the christian sense...
God would be the machine that is reality
Well. Okay then.
free will denies the causality principle, is what I'm up against
now define reality
Superpig : You have to prove there is something more to us than molecules and electrical impulses.
If free will exists, then God cannot exist as there is no purpose to existance
and that is really the whole point of a god, is it not?
Superpig : You cannot.
to give meaning to existance
JM: why do I have to?
Misato: not really
Misato: because.. then God has no reason to exist
ra: ahh, an interesting fallacy there eh?
Superpig : Because if there isn't something we can't see, we have no freewill.
Misato, what if free will was put upon us by god for a reason?
Superpig : You can't prove we have free will.
JM: assuming that the causality principle is true
Superpig : I believe that, until we find an exception to it, assuming it is true is a pretty good idea.
JM: heh, likewise, but I'm saying, this is what I'm up against
I'm not trying to prove the existence of free will
Superpig : Or; we can accept that we have free will - but we can only do that on faith.
ugh, I'm not going to try designing my systems on a principle of faith :)
you can disprove the causality principle using women
Misato: lol.
if you use the same pickup line on different women
they will each respond differently
funny that.
thereby defying causality
They have different internal state.
Superpig : There is no other source of free will. There must be something other than our physical existence to get around causality.
They're different instances of class Woman
Superpig : Which means you must have faith in -something-.
JM: If you believe in free will, indeed
Superpig : In order for free will to exist, there must be some sort of diety or something. An afterlife, a soul, whatever.
JM: well, it doesn't need to be a deity - just some kind of cause that can't be observed
Superpig : Yeah, well, a soul or something.
JM: not quantum space blobs playing tennis in another dimension?
JM: and every time the ball hits the ground, a random impulse is fired off in someone's brain in /this/ dimension
souls are overrated
Superpig : How is that free will?
Superpig : Our will would then be controlled by their balls.
quantum theory!
oh, that's so very quotable
Superpig : I refuse to believe my will is controlled by anyones balls but my own.
maybe in their dimension the causality principle doesn't hold true
JM; but your friends may have access to them.
it's almost 1am and I think I shouldn't be wading neck-deep in philosophical paradoxes.
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