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## :(

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So I'm just going to say that Murphy sucks, and so does his law. When shit hits the fan, it seems to hit hard. I won't go into details , but i've just had the worst weekend of my life (it involved the ER and a cop and some other people I won't mention), and today my video card at home fried (no programming or gaming til it's fixed *frown*)and also found out at the end of the month i'll have no place to live. FUCKING YAY!

Now, onto a more fun topic, nachos rule.

[EDIT] -> The purpose of this post was to inform everyone (not that anyone cares, as my game isn't at any respectable state yet. One day people will go "Oh, I wonder how Laz's game is." rather than "Oh, Laz's journal is on top now, must read all the updated journals since last I read." :p) that I will not be able to progress until i get my video card fixed, which will be a while since I need to worry about moving in less than two weeks.

[EDIT #2] -> gdnet needs a spell checker that way I don't have to edit my posts 42 times.
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May Buddha shine his everlasting goodness upon the rest of your week. I know how life and rip your throat open and shit down your neck. Hopefully life will chill out and give you a break (for a while).

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