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a better backup even! ^_^

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Well I was happy with the 128MB JumpDrive keychain until I was thinking well maybe that's not such a good idea what if I drop my keys or go near magnets or it rains or...

So I was looking online and I found out that SD cards go up to 4GB now! and they're much smaller than pendrives even! they are as big as a postage stamp and I already have a 64MB one for my palm but I looked online and found that my m505 palm can only reliably handle 1GB SD cards so I immediately of course went to Circuit City and bought a 1GB Secure Digital card :)

Yesterday I mounted the 64MB SD card to slackware as /dev/sda1 so now I have both a SD and usb pendrive backup storage! :) But the tiny SD card is 8 x as big as the pendrive one :D And I can just put it inside my pda anyways so it'll be more secure than the pendrive I think. I couldn't get my compact flash drive to mount in slack yet though :( and I haven't tried the MM card drive yet because my old MP3 player won't spit out the card its jammed in there :/ And I still have to get my old serial Wacom Tablet to work and I was reading about it and wow it lookks complicated so I'll probably procrastinate about that until I need to draw something o_O

I'm still only on chapter 2 of my Palm OS Game Programming book because I've been playing around too much with zsnes =(

But I plan on reading it right now. Here's a pic of my new SD 1GB card :)

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How much did you pay? I've been using my 40gb mp3 player as moveable storage, and for backups use multiple ide and sata harddrives. :D

Then again my camera could always use more memory.

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the SD card costs like $105.00 (us)

I bought it retail of course in Circuit City :/

I hate Circuit City but them and Best Buy are close to me ...I miss Micro Center :(

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