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Late Update

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Haven't updated in a while so here goes...

After much debate, I have decided to revert back to 2D for a while. I feel that I don't have enough base knowledge of basic gameplay to be able to seperate the engine from the game successfuly. I also think that I need to spend a little bit more time on the basics instead of diving in over my head in 3D. While it kinda blows scraping the 3D portion of the engine, it's nice to know I gained a lot from the task. Also, much of the code that I wrote will be easily usable with my 2D games as well.

My goal is to create a few more basic 2D games and then attempt a 2D game engine. The only game I have ever really taken to a playable level is breakout. Granted, while this only took a couple of weeks to finish, I somehow feel I didn't get all that I needed out of it.

Another reason I have decided upon 2D graphics is that since I am focused on creating adventure games such as the classic Monkey Island series and Sam & Max Hit the Road, I'd like to stick to that same 2D feel they had. Not to mention people will have less of a chance of vomiting when they see my programmer art. :)

Thanks for looking.

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Good luck in the future; I always find that 2d games are still worth attempting as you can and will learn a lot from the overall experience of designing a working architecture. A lot of the time people jump into 3d without knowing much about either 3d or game architeture and hence wind up with an ugly hash of both systems (speaking from personal experience here [wink]).

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