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So, me.

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Me, what am I working on?

I've been away from real access to t'in for a while, having to make do with snatching time here and there at work to do the things I do on this GLOBALSUPERMEGAHIGHWAYOMG. Not having t'in is pretty good actually, it forces you to leave behind the things you used to do whilst your computer was hooked up. When programming, you have no reference sources other than your books, so you spend time thinking about the problems yourself and get by with no help (fancy that!).

I've taken a fairly long break from 'real' programming; and my 4E4 entry has suffered - suffice to say it's in the same state it was 2 months ago and probably won't change. I'm pretty pissed off at that actually, but when you burn yourself out there's nothing you can do but break away. I've also been playing around with evoInvaders and Hydra, which is fun for a small non-serious project.

I fell out of playing games a while ago and can happily say that I've rekindled the interest recently. I've been playing on everything from the Atari 2600 (Galaga, drool), The Dreamcast, The N64 (Mario Kart), the PS2 (Time Crisis 3) and the PC. My current 'hot' game is the Lord of the Rings - Battle for Middle earth. I don't normally buy into this mass-hysteria for large franchises, but this one game has everything an RTS should have. It even runs on my piss-poor GF2 graphics card without a problem (ok so the gfx are raw, but still good for me).

The other 'big' thing I've been working on is a large introductory article to the GameMonkey Scripting language. So far it's at 11 pages, it'll be at around 14 when done. The idea is to bring the reader everything they'll need to pick up GM Script and start using it themselves - I've been disappointed by the other scripting articles I've seen (Lua, namely) in which they jump straight in and explain a tiny amount of the system, leaving the rest up to you to figure out. This article will cover the following:-
  • Basic comparison to Lua
  • Introduction to the most common syntax
  • Discussion of the basic GM types
  • Exploration of the 'table' object and various ways it can be used
  • A look at GM script functions
  • Setting up GM Script for your compiler
  • Embedding the virtual machine & executing simple scripts
  • Calling scripted functions from native code
  • Binding your own functions to be used by script
  • Creating a 'simple' bound type (in this case, a vector) to be used in script
  • Further areas to explore (eg: scripted threads/co-routines)

    It's pretty comprehensive for an 'Introduction' but I think I have the right sort of information in there. After reading, it aims to leave you with the ability to actually use GM Script in your games and take it further yourself, rather than the usual 'oh here, look at this and figure it out yourself'. With enough demand, I will probably write a more advanced-level follow-up article and cover threads/states and more advanced binding techniques.

    The article is actually been written at the same time as several 'smaller', more specialist tutorials on the language, so hopefully people will be able to jump from one to the other as and when they need it.

    The question is - would any of you read it and/or find it useful?
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    would any of you read it and/or find it useful?

    I would.

    I keep on contemplating a data-driven GUI, which would require some sort of scripting language... dunno if GM is the right tool, but anything in that general area is of, at least, curiosity right now [smile]

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    I don't normally buy into this mass-hysteria for large franchises, but this one game has everything an RTS should have

    I agree completely. And even if it didn't, I would still play it if only to hear the Riders of Rohan (tm) trample small creatures.

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