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Quick update

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Right, just a quick update for now. Hopefully have something bigger to post a bit later on...

Seems that I'm getting somewhere with this UVAtlas tool - seems it wasn't as complicated as it first looked. Which is nice.

I need to work on the various parameters - seems that the terrain tends to break into a ridiculous number of charts - it'd be better/nicer if I could tweak it to group more triangles together into fewer charts.

One thing I have noticed, by comparison to the trivial texturing...

In trivial texturing, you might have a 1024*1024 texture - and it will use all 1,048,576 pixels in it. My current trials with generating a UVAtlas for a terrain leaves a large amount of empty texture space. The distribution of pixels is much better - but it may well require that (to get similar resolution to the trivial technique) a much larger texture is used.

More on this later, hopefully with some pretty pictures [grin]
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Awaiting the screenies.. :)

I did something like that 3 years ago, also on a small terrain. It was looking pretty nice as far as i remember, but i had a few ugly seams, due to the fact that i was using the main triangle's normal direction to determine the type of UV projection to use (+X, -X, +Y, -Y, +Z, -Z). I'm curious to see if you'll have the same problem.

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I'm curious to see if you'll have the same problem.

I can see the possibility for some graphical errors (varying texel size can be a good source!), but from what I've managed so far I don't think I'll get the issues that you're describing [smile]


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Seams basically happen when you've got two adjacent triangles that end up being placed at a different position in the atlas. You will not have that problem ?

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