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## GDNet Live Journal

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So let's elaborate on what my post was about yesterday, SHALL WE?! (I apologize for doing this, i just need to vent some more) ...

So this weekend divorce came about between me and my wife, so things are really edgy at home. That's all about this weekend I'm going to divulge, but it was *much* worse than that.

So yesterday, the video card at home in my computer dies. greeeeaaaaat. That isn't a cheap thing to fix. But wait, not long after, a knock atthe door, I find out I have to be out of the trailer by the end of the month! Fucking great. So I go back to work and survive the day and go home. On my way from work to home, all the electricity in town has been shut off. WTF. So we hop in my truck because we need to go to storage. I get in the next town over and stop at a store for something to drink. I hope back IN my truck and put it in gear. Now, it's normal for my truck to clunk when I put the truck in gear, it's a 1966 Chevrolet C10 Stepside (I love my truck), as it's kinda old. What wasn't normal, was the loud splash I heard. So I get out of my truck and there's a HUGE POOL of coolant on the ground, dripping off the drivers-side front fender, and all over the inside of the hood. Great, radiator exploded. But, wait, the radiator is dry. Can't see any holes. Can't find any wet hoses. I have NFI where the coolant came from. So I drive home. Slowly. The whole time, the temp guage isn't working. Great, the temp guage broke too. Luckily I made it home.

New paragraph. I know, you should split paragraph's by thought, but this is just one long thought, so paragraphing it will make it easier to read. Anyway, I digress. So we get home, pile up in the car and go to storage. Get back and still no electricity. By now it's 8:00 and startin to get dark. 9:00 rolls around, still no power, totally dark, so we decide to go to Colville (few towns over) to go to walmart and get out of the dark. So we start to leave and I check to make sure I have my credit/debit card. It's gone. So we search for an hour/hour and a half to find it. No dice. Power finally came back on around 10:30.

This morning, argue with my wife some more, can't drive a broken truck and she won't let me drive her car since my truck is broken. I walk to work, and I get here around 10:30.

Now, let me explain something about this town. It's small. Piss ass small. Here, have some pictures. Notice the lack of living arrangements. So, finding another place to live here isn't an option. Closest place would be in Collville, 45 minutes away. That's a hell of a commute, especially in a 1966 Chevy pickup. *ESPECIALLY* in Washignton during the winter. Oi. Not to mention the multiple problems that i'm having here at this job (company having legal problems, us not getting paid on time, etc...).

I'm quitting my job and moving back home to Texas at the end of the month, and my wife and kid are going to New Mexico. If I ever find Murphy I'm going to fuck him up real good, I'm going to shove his law so far up his ass he won't be able to sit down, or take a crap for that matter, for the rest of his life. Stupid Murphy's Law. And thus concludes my GDNet LiveJournal+ entry. Please read through any typos as I don't feel like reading through to try to correct them.
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So sorry to hear about the family breakup Laz :(

On a brighter note...the scenery looks nice where you are and just how many dozens of people live there exactly?...d'ya know?.

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I'd say here and in the immediate surrounding area, probably less than 200 people.

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If you end up in the Dallas area, I'll buy you a Zeigenbock.

Which is....?


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