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My place

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Some of you don't believe me when I say I live in middle of nowhere now, so I have some photos for you guys.

Here's the view outside of my window:

And here is the other side:

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You live in the Don Valley? Nice... A lot better than being stuck in some suburb in the middle of Pickering.

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Psshhh... I see paved roads there. [grin]

I once knew a guy who lived 40 mi. from the nearest dirt road. They used horses or a helicopter to get to town.

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Hamilton. Otherwise known as "That place with the huge bridge that we drive through going to Toronto, but for some reason have never been compelled to ever stop there."

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Indeed, there are roads, c'mon...

Actually, that's an unpaved bike track you see in the first pic. The road way in the background is the main street where I catch the bus to go to univ.

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