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Benjamin Heath


I went ahead and added a mugshot to my webspace, and posted it in this thread. Here it is again:

Regarding my blocks game, my schedule didn't allow for it yesterday, so I didn't get any coding done. I think I'll follow a process over the next week to finish it, following methods from Game Architecture & Design (by Morris & Rollings). It'll be alright.

Some good news about Dad: His tumor has shrunk to a third of its old size, and the doctors are giving him a much longer life expectancy of 12 to 24 months. We are hoping, of course, that he'll last even longer, because the guy's just too stubborn to give up like that. [smile] We're all happy here.
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Yes...the picture looks like your sucking a bit of a sour sweetie [smile]..c'mon, you should have had a piccie with your fireman's uniform on!!!!!.

Excellent news about your dad, hope it gets better and better.

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Now that your picture is on gamedev, lets hope that noone photoshops it that much. As for your dad, my friend went through the same thing and it's an extremely tough thing to go though. I'm glad your happy.

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Let it be known that I am sucking no sour in that picture. [smile] And I actually was wearing my uniform, but I held the camera myself, so that wasn't in the frame. Anyway, thanks guys, Dad's doing fine.

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