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Fans, Bug Trackers and Incontinent Dolls...

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pan narrans


I bought a new heatsink and fan for my CPU yesterday and the noise level has fallen by about 60%. Woohoo. Motherboard Monitor reports that the average processor temperature has fallen by about 10 degrees Celsius too. Hooray.

In other news, I've also been trying out Mantis Bug Tracker. I don't have experience with any other bug trackers so I can't really compare them, but this one seems to be really good so far. It was highly recommended on most of the pages I found when I was researching them on Google too. Certainly a lot better than my previous method: the trusty text file!

PS, the new GameDev Store looks interesting, but where are the action figures? I want a Super Mutant Ninja Rhino with kung-fu kick action! And a Tiny Tearful Evolutional that wets itself just like the real thing!
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We use Mantis at work to good effect. I'd also draw your attention to a seperate project called MantisConnect, which is a web API for Mantis, so you can write .NET projects that integrate with it. Automatic crash dump reporting, anyone?

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Hey, guys. I don't get on GameDev as much as I'd like to anymore. Thanks for checking in [wink] Hope you're both doing OK.

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