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Demo is up!

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Just run the run.bat.

Tile Rendering (With shades depending on tile height)
Custom Mouse Graphics
Custom UI
Mouse Map scrolling (Press the '2' key to toggle back and forth)
Map Scrolling (Press the directional keys)
Log (Press the '1' key to turn on and off)
Close Window (With a dialog asking if you really want to quit!)

If you download and run the program, then simply let me know if everything is running right. Currently it is set at 30fps, which really should be quite enough for anything that will be needed on this engine.

Next on the list is proper actor rendering, and getting a messaging system in place with the state engine...

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Everything ran just fine on my box. The only issue I had was that it (the program) would blank out (turn white) and then at some point begin working again. To clarify, it wouldn't draw the onscreen contents - the program still ran fine, as you could see the mouse cursor and interact with it. That's probably due to my video card, though. Logging and mouse scrolling worked perfectly as well. Keep up the excellent work.

Arch Linux (0.7)
ATI Rage 128 Pro (yes, I know, I'm working on it ;P)
Pentium 4
uknown amount of RAM (probably 256Mb)

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Yeah, it doesn't redraw properly.
Also, the JVM doesn't seem to shut down properly after you exit it.

Also windows xp explodes when it tries to unzip your zip file. Had to use 7Zip


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Currently the screen is only redrawn when the map is moved or gui elements moved... I'll see if I can narrow down what would be causing it.

Thanks for the input!

Its weird that your XP system didn't like it... I opened the zip on xp and it had no problem... thanks for letting me know though.

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Seems fine on my powerbook. I love the custom window.

You should probably trap the un-minimize event and then make it redraw the window though.

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