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Well.. It's been hectic.

I finally moved out on my own (been here for about 2 weeks now), and I love it. No annoying little brothers or sister around, and no parents nagging at me to clean when I didn't make the mess :).

I'm right around the corner from school, and a 15 minute bike ride from work, so I do say I get my fair share of exercise in (not that I need it), but it does me well.

Anyways, I never thought designing would be hard. Simple games are easy, obviously because they're simple, but I didn't think designing a full game would be this difficult. I get to kill two birds with one stone though, as they say, because for my Intro to Game and Simulation Programming course, we have to design a full game, and whatdya know, I already have half of the work done.

This school assignment will more or less force me to work on the game, and should give me quite a bit of motivation as well.

As for the game, I've changed routes a little bit, but I won't post too much until I have some more core concepts down.

In a rough way, it's collectible card game with 3rd person action RPG elements. It's not an RPG in a traditional sense by any means, if any, but there are a few role playing elements.

The game is set in a Rome-ish world, which has been plagued by war and hardship for many years when a "new" technology has been found: magical cards which allow you to "duel" in a sense. It sounds cheesy right now, I know, but I'd have to explain it more for it to make quite a bit more sense, and right now I have to go back to installing all of my applications.

This is because I formatted thinking it was my old ATI drivers causing my new nVidia 6800GT to perform slowly. Then I remembered I have a 350W power supply, and promptly ordered a new 550W PSU from Newegg, as well as the book "Core Techniques and Algorithms in Game Programming" from New Rider... sooo I'll have some good treats coming in.

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