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Freezer 2's trigger entities and sexy felons

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Just kidding. No sexy felons.

Hey, wait, come back.


Anyway, I added some more static entities to Freezer 2. It now correctly respawns you after being killed or imprisoned, and does so in a number of random places (all the hospitals and jails around the huge gameworld).

There are also a couple of static entities that are intriguing -- SoundEntity which plays an ambient sound when within its radius, MessageEntity which gives you an informational message when moving into its radius (handy for tutorials) and ScriptEntity which runs a SHilScript when moving into or out of its radius (handy for opening doors and pressure-plated traps and buttons).

I'll likely start work on the cop AI. They have a varying level of being pissed off at you. If you just carry corpses past them, they'll chase and bust you, but if you start popping caps into their chest or killing innocents in front of them, they'll whip out the guns, get to a safe distance and fire away until you're a hole in the ground.

The firing of these guns will attract other AI characters, who will walk towards the sound full of curiousity. Potentially, they may die in the crossfire. That's just part of the chaos!

I also really really want to get started on the scripting of cinema scenes. SHilbert showed me a potential method to put SHilScript into lockstep mode so I can elucidate and pontificate through my NPCs as much as I want.

To recap:
Freezer 2: Producing lots of little touches to make the gameworld fun. Variety, variety, variety.
CSRPG 2.1: Improved player collision implemented. Waiting for the weekend to dive back in and optimize the AI code.
Amazing SuperProject: Well, I don't know. It probably involves scripting.
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I can't wait to see Freezer 2 in action. *pop, Bang, POW!, BlamO!

I maybe a little behind on this, but is there a Freezer , the original? If so, I can't find it on your site. Please explain, the curriosity keeps me awake at night.

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Yes, there was an original. It was the first SDL crossplatform game I ever developed and didn't care for things like proper animation, framerate independence or decent coding style.

We'll treat this like Pepper II -- ideally the first one never happened. [grin]

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