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Whee, multiple resolutions

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Evil Steve


Well, the program now supports multiple resolutions. The map is designed to be viewed at 1024x768. If you view it at a lower resolution, everything is scaled. If you view it at a higher resolution, everything will be scaled up, but you hopefully won't notice that at all. The only real benifit of having a resolution over 1024x768 is that the 3D effects will look nice. "What? 3D effects?" you say? Well, I'd like to have some effects like particles and perhaps rotating the camera about the Y axis. That could look pretty cool if things are at different Z values, although we'll see.
You can also toggle between 16 and 32-bit mode if you wish.

I had sushi for lunch. First time I've had it when it wasn't in these crappy little packets you get at Sainsbury's. Well, it wasn't "real" sushi, it was the vegetarian stuff, because I hate the fish stuff. I can't remember the name of any of the stuff though. But I remember Wasabi. It rocks. It burns your face off.

I'm supposed to be spending the entire day with my friend tomorrow, so I probably won't get much (if any) coding done.
And, my bed arrives tomorrow. Yay! No more sleeping on the floor on a matress, I finally get a proper double bed to sleep in.

Anyway, I'm bored coding already. I'm going to go watch Gone In 60 Seconds on TV...
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