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OK I fixed the Memory Viewer. The problem was so retarded, I messed up the y coords in the resource file and most of the boxes overlapped. [headshake]

(search and memory dump don't work yet)

Also the Sprite/OAM/Object Viewer is done:

(this dailog is fully functional)

Anyway for those following this here's a list of everything that has to get done:
- Sound
- IRQs (yuck)
- Map Viewer
- Fixor the bugs in the dialogs
- Fix some problems with sprites
- Blending
- Mosaic
- Rotation and scaling for sprites and backgrounds

- Background modes 1 & 2 (2==Mode 7 stuff too)
- A way to report bad memory writes/reads for people that try to access certain memory at the wrong time or through the wrong bus.
- Battery backed save games
- Save states
- Cheats
- and of course, repair opcodes


Also my college is retarded. They blocked the IRC port but downloading shitloads of videos/music and chatting on MSN or AIM is perfectly OK...[flaming]
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