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## Stupid noise!

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So since my video card is borked on my good computer, i've been using a computer i once used as a server. In fact, it's sold to be a server. It's some Dell Optiplex thing, like 1GHz with 512 megs of ram, but being that it's designed to be a server, the onboard video card has like 1 meg of memory or something. HARDWARE ACCELERATED TEXT BABY!

Anyway, since I can't actually play games on it, or work on my game on it, i was thinking of researching stuff for my game. I PM'd Ysaneya a while back asking for methods that a noob such as I could use to make a decent looking starfield for a simple game such as Lazteroids. Nothing to the scope that he's got goin with his Infinity engine, but something small. He was nice enough to reply a while back and gave me some suggestions, which began with using perlin noise. My immediate reaction was "okay, make textures in photoshop!" However, since I haven't gotten that far and can't work on my game, I figured i'd research on how to do perlin noise. Reading my third article now and I still don't get it. I just can't understand some of what is being explained. *shrug* I'll try again when I haven't been sitting in a pool of my own self pitty for hours feeling like a failure at not being able to understand simple concepts like perlin noise.

Also, a little side project, is a little talker for use in a place that doesn't exist. I'm developing this in C# to help me get familure with it, and my first time using sockets, which is confusing. Never actually used a rich edit control either, so i'm not sure how to add purdy colors to it. Screenshot:

Keep in mind that's just a mockup. I've actually got it connecting and receiving and sending data, but it seems to like to crash randomly. Not sure why. Stupid sockets. I'll finger it out eventually though.

And in other news, I have exactly one week for me and my wife to decide who gets what, rent a uhaul, load the uhaul, learn how to tow a half ton pickup on a trailer with a 17' uhaul truck, give away a pregnant dog, give away a cat, and drive back to new mexico to drop off my wife/kid/her stuff, then drive to texas. The stress is on, and life is sucking.

But things will get better...
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