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Flocking and state engine

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Since Battle doesn't use 3D, I have found that rendering in fake 3D in isometric view is harder than I thought when dealing with flocking points. All the math on the flocking is working correctly, I just need to get the rendering methods working in the correct viewing angle...

The eventual goal of the flocking example is to integrate it into a generic spell effect engine for actors. This is a basis for a strange sort of particle engine, where the individual flocking entities can be directed to flock from one actor to another, avoiding the tiles in its way.

It could also be used as a general path finding algorithm, tell it to flock to the location, and keep track of what path it takes...

Anyway, I did some more work on Battle, got the preliminary message system interfaced into the state engine. There are only a couple commands currently, but many more will be on their way. What this does is allow all states to have access to a generic library of commands, and eventually the individual states will be able to create their own commands for use by the processor. This allows for states to make custom messaging events. This will become really helpful when networked play is developed on. Ah! Custom maps defining their own commands to their internal objects!
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I didn't mean to....

I went through and deleted the things off of my webspace I didn't think I was using... I deleted my pictures folder by accident... so then I had a whole bunch of missing images... sad day...

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Is it just me or does that look like sperm?

Funny enough, every person I showed this to in real life said the same thing [grin]

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