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Last post for a while

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So today is the last chance I'm likely to get on the internet until 3rd October. I was looking for a pause button, but couldn't find it. Guess you guys will just have to carry on without me for a while... [oh]

I'm off to Uni in Nottingham for a couple of days, then I'm off to the MVP Global Summit. Yay [grin]

In light of the recent mountain of information from the PDC (I really suggest you have a read of it...) it seems like it's very interesting times to be visiting the Microsoft folk.

Have a read of Microsoft promises world domination at PDC from toms hardware.

The new Windows Vista and Office 12 stuff seems to be offering quite a lot of new things rather than just bigger/badder versions of what we've already got. Visual Studio 2005 is due out in November... I've got access to all the beta drops, but I haven't had time to look at them. Will be good to get a look..

Then, for my "Product Group" I'll get to speak to the powers that be in the DirectX team... hopefully get a look in at the new DirectX10 and XNA stuff. I would imagine that most of the interesting stuff will still be covered by our NDA, but if not I'll see about sharing some of it here when I get back [wink]

Then, on top of that there's all the other MVP's to meet and general socialising that goes on.
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